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Filipinettis x1/9
« on: November 11, 2004, 10:55:36 AM »
Hi my name is Alberto Alvarez and I live in Porto Rico,Caribbean USA.I`m emailing because I need all the information I can get on this cars.The case is that I bought this old 1973 X1/9 racer that was bought from Valtellina Racing Formigine around 1977-79 by Fiat of Puerto Rico.The car vin# is 0000447.The car has many Filipinettis race parts including there rare own style Campagnolo wheels,roll and sway bars plus a Kugelfischer mechanical fuel injection with lucas pump, so I`m assuming that this car probably was bought from Filipinetti by Valtellina Racing and later sold to Fiat PR by Valtellina.

  I cannot confirm these myself as the car Racing logbook is at the present lost.I only have some very old papers and invoices from Valtellina stating the purchase of some parts and probably the car itself too.But as i say they are in very bad shape.Thats why I`m starting to look for help in Europe.

 I`m looking to find their(Filipinettis) x1/9 vin numbers as i know there were probably between 2-5 of these cars built.The only source i have are the FAZA(Cosentino) books for references and the internet.So i`m appealling for anyone who may know more info to share with me.I`m a big X1/9 fan having owned an 86 ,now an 88 and the racer i just mentioned.

  Please feel free to give my email address; and phone#;787-565-1875(USA) to anyone,and if you can post this in your website,forum or even magazine it would be greatly apprecciated.

  Remember,any info regarding Valtellina Racing Formigine(modena) and Flipinetti X1/9`s.Thanks much in advance for your time and help.I do really want to find more on this car;#0000447 in order to preserve and restore a piece of X1/9 history for the benefit and enjoyment of all of us X fans.

               Thanks much again,regards.......Alberto Alvarez
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Re: Filipinettis x1/9
« Reply #1 on: May 23, 2005, 12:06:03 PM »

i recently bought the book about the history of scuderia filipinetti by ed heuvink...did some research yesterday and only found one good picture of the X1/9.
the state that everything was sold when geaorges died, but dont specify where the X1/9 went.

enjoy your project.

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