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Title: 1000 AH-casted block
Post by: 1000BC on March 17, 2003, 07:31:29 PM
Does anyone have AH-casted 1000cm naked block for sale?
Needs to be in good condition for build a running engine.

1. Head bold threads 10mm must be OK. No cracks around them
2. Existing bore STD ( 65-65,2 ) needs to have possibility to bore for 65,4 mm pistons
3. No cracks or repairings on main bearing bases

Thanks for your attention.   :P
Title: AH Block
Post by: Paul vander Heyden on January 25, 2005, 06:13:41 AM
WOW !!  I think that most Abarth owners would want one of these as well.  Even better if the price were very low as well.

The truth is that unless someone finds one buried in an old barn, the likelihood of finding such an item, particularly without any damage, is extremely remote indeed.

I recently offered over $2000 for a very used AH block and the owner would not part with it for that amount.

Almost all of the AH blocks have been raced.  Therefore they are all either 65.2 or 65.4 bore.  I think you will find that most that have been raced have been blown up at least once.  The ones that have not been blown up will probably have a cracked center main web.

If you find a block without any of these maladies, and it is advertised as an original block, then BEWARE, as it most likely is a fake.

Here are some hints as to what to look for.

1.  All AH blocks serial numbers start with an * and there is no room between the asterick and the first number to insert another number.
2.  All Abarth block numbers are 7 digits plus the asterick (*) in front.
3.  The first numbered digit is almost always a 1, but I have seen a few that started with a 2
4.  All 850cc AH block serial numbers start with 103XXXX
5.  All 1000cc AH blocks start with  100XXXX
6.  Most all Competition AH blocks start with 150XXXX

If the serial numbers do not match the above guidelines, then I would look very closely at whether the block is a forgery.

Hope this helps.

Title: AH Block
Post by: Alex van de Wetering on January 25, 2005, 12:38:05 PM
Hi ?

Last year I visited the historical races at Monza, Italy. On the parts-market there was an AH-block for sale. It was a 1000 TC Corsa block and it was in good shape (in my opinion). Just like Paul said, prices for Ah-blocks are very high, if you are able to find one at all. The price was 5000 Euro!! The same guy also had an Bialbero head for sale, priced at 4500 Euro.

I didn't write down the sellers name, but I heard that the seller also visited the historical event in Imola, some months ago. So, if you are interested you could try to visit the next parts market in Italy.....

Alex van de Wetering

p.s. Thanks for the info regarding the engine numbers, Paul!
Title: AH Block
Post by: Paul vander Heyden on January 25, 2005, 04:01:48 PM

Can you send me your private email address (off forum)

Title: block
Post by: 1000BC on March 11, 2005, 02:56:46 PM
I agree and disagree regarding those serial numbers.
Two blocks I have seen was  850TC block and the serial number begin 24xxxxx and wasn't fake.

Also 1000 block serial 170xxxx was original.

AH letters location:
I have seen them in 3 different places located in block.
Front up, rear up and front down of the block side.
Also one with letters up side down HA  :lol:

I am sure that make up the old 633cc block to Abarth block sounds good. Buy a block from junk 10$ and after serial number + AH tuning sell it out 5000$. That's business!!
Title: Re: 1000 AH-casted block
Post by: Il Re dei mille on December 01, 2011, 06:58:53 PM
Hi, I have an AH-piece 100% original, but it costs more than $ 5000 .. if interested please reply to this post, greetings
Title: Re: 1000 AH-casted block
Post by: Paul vander Heyden on December 01, 2011, 08:31:37 PM
Some care should be taken with AH blocks.

About 8 years ago there was a set of casting models available for "AH blocks".  At the time I was offered them, the seller and I could not come to an agreement on price.  These models had been made by copying an existing AH block.  From what I could tell from photos they looked OK, and there were two finished blocks with the models as examples of the finished product.  Since then these models have disappeared.

AH blocks that were cast for the 850 motor generally cannot be bored out to 65mm.  So for a 1 litre motor you really need an AH block. 

In recent months I have even put back together two original AH blocks that were damaged quite badly in engine blow-ups.  I will have some photos of the last one in a week or two.

Good used blocks have sold anywhere from 3500 - 5000 USD.  At 5000 Euro, an AH block would have to be an original NOS block, that had never been used.  Otherwise it is simply too much money.  Yes, they are scarce, but not that scarece.