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Title: fiat 2300 berlina (rally)
Post by: guy moerenhout on February 13, 2011, 08:45:42 PM
looking for info and photos about this rare fiat 2300 Berlina  rally car.Now one like this in our museum I am looking for photos and info abot this cars.
I think there where two but I dont find many info aboutthem .I wish to build the car in our museum (thanks to Yves Kussé) like the Safari car(s)
Title: Re: fiat 2300 berlina (rally)
Post by: Yves on February 16, 2011, 08:46:29 AM
This piece of information I have found on another forum, it dates from 2008... The Museum-car is also 1963 :-)

"The great Joginder Singh, three times winner of the Safari Rally (then "East African Safari"), finished 4th in the 1963 edition of the rally, alongside his brother Jaswant Singh at the wheel of a pacific 6-cylinder sedan Fiat 2300.
Think this was the only racing result for the "big car" of Fiat. Later, several Fiat 2300 Coupé raced in Italy and Europe.
I've seen just a picture long time ago, seem to remember the Singh's car was white with race number in black circle"

"1963 was the only year that the Fiat importers (F Boero& sons if memory serves me right) made a serious attempt at the Safari with the 2300.

I have a snapshot of the car in front of me, but no scanner. The car was white, or possibly a very pale blue it this ws a standard Fiat colour, with the standard safari matt black bonnet and tops of the front wings to cut down the glare. The number was 75 in white on a black roundel on the front doors. Registration number KHK 999 in standard white or silver on a black background. KENYA was signwritten above the windscreen. Drivers' names were on the front wing and what looks like a Koni shock absorber detail. Extra lights: two spotlightsinboard of the headlamps, at alevel below the twin headlamps and above the bumper plus spotlamps mounted at the bottom of the windscreen posts on the root of the wings. (These were standard wear on safari cars as they got less muddy and could be wiped clean from inside the car).
Title: Re: fiat 2300 berlina (rally)
Post by: Yves on February 16, 2011, 09:42:31 AM
According to the article below 9 Fiats started in 1963!  What where the other ones?


A total of 84 cars were entered in 1963, including:

18 - Ford
11 - Peugeot 404
4 - Peugeot 403
9 - Fiat
7 – Volkswagen
7 - Morris
5 - Saab
5 - Simca 1000
4 - Nissan
4 – Mercedes-Benz
4 - Rover

The route was composed of a 3189 mile route through Kenya, Uganda and Tanganyika. The first casualties shortly after the start were a VW and a 403, which rolled less than 100 miles out of Nairobi due to intense thundershowers. Shortly thereafter, a further 6 cars retired or were excluded due to lateness. By the 1/4 point at Kampala, Swedish Monte Carlo Rally winner Erik Carlsson in a SAAB 92 was in the lead. The mud on the sections out of Kampala was severe, and Carlsson was lucky to get through before a knot of cars became embedded, tying up all other competitors for many minutes. Back in Nairobi, at the halfway point, Carlsson was still in the lead, with a Ford Cortina in second, and three other Fords rounding out the top five. At Nairobi, all 43 remaining competitors were compelled to have a 12 hour rest. It was then predicted that the second half would prove to be the most difficult.

Erik Carlsson had a collision with a giant anteater near the 3/4 point, which damaged his Saab's front suspension, and pushed the engine back 1.5 inches. He continued on for some minutes, until his front suspension completely folded up on him. Other competitors' hopes were destroyed by the incredible mud, with the most common reason for retirement being exclusion for lateness (time-barring). The second place Ford holed a sump and retired with engine failure. A 404 sedan then took over the lead.

Due to the extreme conditions, a further rest stop was organised near Dar es Salaam. On the return leg to Nairobi, a few more retirements were recorded, but the Kenyan crew of Nick Nowicki-Paddy Cliff held their lead. Only 7 cars were still running at the finish:

1 - Peugeot 404 (Nowicki-Cliff)
2 - Ford Anglia (Hughes-Young)
3 - Mercedes-Benz 220 SEb (Cardwell-Lead)
4 - Fiat 2300 (Joginder and Jaswant Singh)
5 - Peugeot 404 (Lionnet-Philip)
6 - Peugeot 403 (1300) (Jaffray-Bathurst)
7 - Rover P5 (Bengry-Goby)

The most impressive finishing percentage belonged to Rover and Mercedes-Benz, with a 25% standard. The Peugeots had a 20% finishing rate, and the others declined from there. Ford was particularly hard hit, with only the little Anglia showing the flag at the end.
Title: Re: fiat 2300 berlina (rally)
Post by: guy moerenhout on February 16, 2011, 10:54:35 AM
the Unknow : fiat 2300 berlina

Start of remake  .
the where 3 cars ,   Collinge/ jeeves                    1962
                             Joginder and Jaswant Singh   1963
                             Brooks/earnshaw  (2100 type)1961
and whe are looking for all info and photos