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: 124/850 fiat conversion kit for sale
: roadsportusa April 07, 2010, 03:09:28 AM
I have a complete 124/850 conversion kit for sale, installed in OTAS grand prix. Kit is removed and for sale.
Kit includes, PBS conversion installation instructions, rebuilt fiat 1608 twin cam engine,new 9.8 to 1 pistons, new rod bolts and nuts, new water and oil pumps, new bearings and gaskets,PBS B-3 intake cam,PBS  S-2 exhaust cam, Faza 124/850 tube header and muffler system,VW super beetle transmission and custom axles with trans. mount, one pair modified rear hubs and control arms, VW short shifter, PBS adapter plate for VW trans, PBS engine mount/cross member, front mount radiator and coolant tubes,overflow coolant tank, PBS side draft intake manifold,two rebuilt weber 40 mm side draft carbs and mount kit, heavy duty clutch and spacer for VW trans, 124 rear disc brake conversion for 850 fiat, price $5,950 USA, email Ron at