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I was the first for driving a grN uno turbo in rally


guy moerenhout:
this car I prepare in 1986 for starting rally in belguim,poland and Congo

I can still remember the car vividly. I once accompanied Guy in this car when going to a fiat dealer in Antwerp.
Boy, this car was fast!!
This was really an italian Speedy Gonzales !

yes,but turbo i.e only fast  and danger. you can see results!i dont  have the same opinion about this fiat(i love fiat cars and i own 2 turbo i.e.)

guy moerenhout:
some more photo from my car in polad ,thanks Mad Graf art   The car goos from +40°(kongo) to  min(????? 15°)

Dear Guy,

I am racing the Fiat Uno Turbo since 1997. This is realy a great car and am very satisfied with it. I have been searching for articles and technical information about the Fiat Uno Turbo group N rally car. Especially the suspensionmods, wheels (different offset??) and mods about the chassis of the car. I believe the engine does not need modification but something very important are the mountingpoints from the engine and the gearbox. Are these modified in the rallycar?

If there is more information about it and where I can find it? I hope you can help me.

Best regards,



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