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guy moerenhout:
hereĀ  the 4 special possibilitys

Hello Guy,

Were some of these manifolds supplied as original equipment?  Were any of the series 1 1300/124 cars supplied with dual sidedraught Weber carbs?

Hi Evan,
I've been quietly following your restoration from down under and I think I can speak for most of the forum when I say I'm jealous! We had quite a few 850 coupes over here but it seems that the rust monster has eaten most of them so to find such a rare version like yours is really amazing. Kudos to you and the very thorough restoration you are doing.Now on to the point...I've read through my Faza "King of Small Cars", "Abarth-The Man the Machines" and "Abarth-Braden &Schmidt" books which all seem to indicate that only one side draught carbie was ever offered on the 1300/124/850 Abarth (twin choke Solex C32PHH).
Quote from Schimdt book;
"Other than fitting high compression pistons, Abarth made no performance modifications to the engine."
 I guess there are lots of performance manifolds out the for the 124 engine,including the dual setup, maybe Abarth used them on the Scorpione SS ?? but I'm afraaid I don't know enough about them.

Cheers and Keep up the good work,

guy moerenhout:
I now some group 2 cars that where driving in rally in that time and it was possible to drive with two carburators in group2.Cars where fitted with 2 Solex 32  and not with weber 40.The intake maniflods where made from the original one and welded up .

Hello Eric,
I can only endorse Toby's appreciation not only of a delightful and thorough restoration, but also of the consideration and effort involved in allowing all of us to share the sense of achievement as each hurdle was overcome.  Delightfully done.
On the subject of dual inlet manifolds, Al Consentino's Abarth Guide, when commenting on F-A 1300/124 coupe ser ii (pge 321)    said "...factory driver, Ortner had the camshaft of his first series 1300/124 coupe replaced with a 30/70--70/30 degree camshaft. This influenced Carlo Abarth to offer a special camshaft and dual carburetors on optional engines in the S  and SS versions".....
Regards     Trevor


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