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guy moerenhout:
I had already 6 cars like this the mechanic is same like the scorpione .This was in serie  1 and 2 version.I sold them  japan,germany and japan.Most where gr " but many country allow  our place them with the  gr4  =double carburators and exhaust manifold  The are very nice car to drive .Do you have also one ,if yes send some photos thanks         PS  It was with this car that I start with Abarth -cars and I sold him to M.Pont in Savigny(musea)

I am building a 1300/124 replica and would really love to see some photos of the cars.  As there were not many made, it is hard to find one to look at.  And, there is hardly any documentation around on these cars, at least compared to 600-based cars.  I would like to build my car as close to the original as possible.


Hello GIL,.   Some good photos in the gallery section of Guys main website  Cheers  Trevor

Hello Gil   Also some 1300/124 coupe photos in the same gallery under car of the month March 2003. Chgeers  Trevor

Does anyone know if I can fit a downdraft carburetor on the stock maniflold?  I am thinking of used a Weber DGV or DCD carb. instead of the original sidedraft 32mm carb.  If the downdraft carb. fits, is there much room left for an air cleaner?   I am using a 1438cc motor, and may use a 1608cc crankshaft..  Was there ever a sidedraft manifold for a single or dual 40mm carb?



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