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guy moerenhout:
This car is for sale in belguim  The make I think two ,mayby whe can build now one more   .I am looking for a rpm meter like this   

How many HP´s ?

This is the car that competed in the London to Sydney rally... it was the only one made... I remember watching the car do a few special stages.... there was only one 131 diesel car entered... it doesn't even have the Independent rear suspension....


guy moerenhout:
I now two cars ,one in Brussel and one in south off france  Pascal Aimé  but this car I didend see yet .Suspension is correct the make it only stronger that it dont bend.Also strange front complete gravel wings ,rear gr 2 wingextentions

Guy, I believe these two cars are one and the same.... the "Singapore airline rally" was the name used for the London to Sydney that year...(1977 I think)  and the car you posted pictures of still has these stickers attached, and it still has the "Caution left hand drive" stickers that it wore during it's time here in Australia   (a local police requirement for LHD cars).... I am quite sure this is the same car that came to Australia...

If you look at your pictures and the one from the Italian magazine I have, there are some definite similarities...

Possibly they did make two, but my understanding was the car was specifically built for the London to Sydney rally, and I'm quite positive there was only one that competed in this rally (more of an endurance trial really)

Is it actually a 131AR chassis? I thought it was simply a regular 131 diesel  that was "Abarth prepared"..

it was a long time ago that I saw the car in the flesh... but I recall it not being a 131AR bodied car...



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