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125 p rallycar


guy moerenhout:
the car will become like the factorycars   white and red  fitted with a fiat twin cam engine

guy moerenhout:
our shal I fit those wings ?  this is like  our new group 2 wingextention kit  newbielink: [nonactive]       The nex demand is this colors our the 1977 colors (rear part red) on white bonnet polski fiat   ??? newbielink: [nonactive]    Do you have a set like this,,,,,   Aso this wheels in  7x13 our 8x13  cromodoro our ATS

on this two photos are polisch fiat 125p racing and on first photo this 125p isn't factory 125p rally car.

This are the photos polisch fiat rally.
On this photos You can see the fiat 125p in earliest painting. [nofollow] [nofollow].
On this photo is polich fiat racing in later painting [nofollow]

guy moerenhout:
I think I will go for the first one,and I see that the wing where a litle to outside .I am looking for wheels like this


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