Author Topic: An original Fiat X1/9 Abarth in Italy  (Read 21370 times)

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An original Fiat X1/9 Abarth in Italy
« on: September 08, 2005, 09:03:21 am »
An original Fiat X1/9 Abarth in Italy

courtesy of  Alexander Kartschall /

Until 2003 now I am searching for information’s about the Fiat X1/9 Abarth Prototipo. I met many interesting people; I have got in contact with Leo Aumüller, al Cosentino, an Abarth Collector from Japan and many other people all over the world. So I was able to find 5 cars, one in USA, one in Japan and 3 in Italy.

In April this year an Italian journalist wrote me an email if I could help him by searching for details of the cars because he wants to write an article in an Italian magazine. We became good friends and in June we visited an original car with the number plate TO L65337 about 50 km in the south of Torino.

The owner of the car bought it directly from Abarth in the 70ies and drove one rally and some autocross events with the car. The car was then restored in the late 80ies and was not used any more until then.
I compared all details of the car with old pictures and found out that this car is the original car that was used by Bernard Darniche and Alain Mahé in 1975 in France. Further more Giorgio Pianta drove the car at the Tour de France in 1975.

It was very impressive to see the car driving in front of us. The engine was very powerful and very nice to hear.

The interior is corresponding to old pictures

The car was fitted with the 1840ccm 16V Abarth engine

The 80 litres fuel tank in the front compartment.

Many more information’s and pictures you can read on my homepage I did not finish my research, so my homepage will be updated all the time.

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Re: An original Fiat X1/9 Abarth in Italy
« Reply #1 on: January 08, 2006, 12:42:23 pm »
In the italian oldtimer magazine Autocollezioni [nofollow] (January 2006, No. 32) there is a big article about the X1/9 Abarth Prototipo, written by Roberto Motta with my help. We intervewed Sergio Limone, Giorgio Pianta, Gino Macaluso and Guiseppe Volta. There are a lot of details presented in the article.


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Re: An original Fiat X1/9 Abarth in Italy
« Reply #2 on: April 04, 2006, 01:14:16 am »
Can anyone send me a scan of the X1/9 Prototipo artical, as I am building a replica. I would be happy to buy the magazine. Its just How?

Regards Ross