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guy moerenhout:
this is the car

I have a fiat 125 s from 1970. What modafications should i make to transform the car into a rally car?

guy moerenhout:
there are two catagory  : groep 1=standaard our almost   so change shocks,better brake pads,transform exhaust line ,you can fit a biger carburator on the original intake manifold,iff you wish rally seats,sport steering wheel ,and our rollbare Not to forget a tripmaster some more light and you can start                    groep 2= shocks, exhaust with exhaust manifold,two double weber carburators 40 IDF, other camshafts, high comprestion pistons  ,and all form gr 1.Shorter rear differenciel (but not need realy)   now you have +- 140/150 hp and a real rallymachine that was one of the first realy works cars form fiat rally team .The where all over the world even two time Safarirally .I rebuild now one car in this specification and color    green /white(roof  for heath) and black  bonnet front and rear 

Thanx for you answer,

-Do you have an idea of the costs of making the car a group 1 rally car?
-What bigger carburettor can I use on the manifold?
-What do you mean by changing the exhaust line?
-Where can I get the 'Rally' brake pads for the car?


guy moerenhout:
brake pads rally 30 euro set, exhaust take one heavy mufler out, carburator 36  our 40(big for standaard engine but goos)  300/350 euro


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