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guy moerenhout:
In poland the where tree stratos cars, two gr 4 and one stradale .Form parts and with help off builders form now whe will rebuild a car that fits in our collection :now Polonez gr 2       fiat polski 125p       fiat abarth 124 gr 4       Fsm  126 gr 2     sorry forget 132 fiat

guy moerenhout:
some more photos

I wish to know more about Polonez group 2, because I'm come from Poland where Polonez born.
In topic of Lancia Stratos in Poland, there was also an Polonez Startos ! I mean is still now, but not on races.
I mean, the Polish racing driver of Lancia Stratos, crash the car, only plastic body suffer, but ingeeners decide put frame, engine and transmition to Polonez.

More Data - Polish newbielink: [nonactive]
Probably you know it already


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