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guy moerenhout:
This car come out in 1973 and was rallying alover the world In some rally the allow only this model to start and I was looking 3 years for a nice one and font a almost new in germany  (ex DDR) and will prepare this for renting our sale  Always looking for spares
now ready for fitting :weber kit,exhaust manifold,Schrick camshaft,short diff,limited slip,bilsteinn sport,and group 2 wings,front bonnet will be also black like the factory cars Shure will be on the 7X13 wheels
But can stay like is now ,original and   6x13  rare cromodora wheels on

price can change because I am working on the car .Now already on Belguim Oldtimer plate
Will paint front bonnet black satin  and when I have time do mecanic  work

guy moerenhout:
this car will be fitted with 1200 rear  differenciel ,good gearbox and will be also for rent. for Rally and other manifestations=. Possible agreement for championship and  groep 2  specifications ,1700 cc ,rollcage,etcccc bilstein shocks type will be fitted to

hi nice to meet u im mohamed from egypt i have 131 mod : 1977 and i need to buy an engine turbo or good engine with high hourse power plz if u can help me contact me in this mail and thanx for ur help ...urs mohamed

guy moerenhout:
see also our 21011  1600 group 2 car VERY fast
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guy moerenhout:
what is possible in a Lada (and  a Fiat)

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