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welcome to all abarth enthusiasts !


webchef reKupnet:

first of all, thanks for visiting the www.abarth-gmr.be-site and the abarth squadra storica forum .
we hope you will enjoy all this info, powered by guy moerenhout.

the goal of this forum is to create a virtual abarth-meeting place, open to everyone.
an interactive site where you can find and ask info about abarth-matters

we are glad you have chosen to be a part of our community and we hope you enjoy your stay.

when posting new threads, please try to use descriptive titles.  If model specific, please indicate the model in the thread. 
for example, a good title would be
"how to change fuel filter on 850TC?", not  "Help Me Now!".

this is the perfect board to post your first message or even to create a new topic.
present yourself, show us your cars, tell us what you like about abarth, ...

just hit the reply-button and have fun!

if you're new to all this forum-stuff, just take the time to click below and read the on-line SMF-introduction user helppage:
or simply click the 'HELP'-button .

i'm sure you'll be an expert-user in no-time!    ;-)

webchef reKupnet:
Don't forget to check the CALENDAR every now and then !


webchef reKupnet:
due to an increase of postings, nothing to do with our abarth-passion, the administrators are extra vigilant to new subscribers.

if you choose a suspicious alias or your signature points to a suspicious web-address, you get kicked without mercy.

some legitimate accounts may be suspended meanwhile.
if so, contact guy or the webchef and we will straighten that out in no time.

any suspicious postings/accounts may be reported to the webchef and will be dealt with appropately.

thanks for your cooporation and understanding !

PS: if you want to be sure not to be kicked, just put a message on the welcome-board to present yourself and your (dream)-car(s),
so we can recognise you as a real abarth-fan!

guy moerenhout:
Dear Classic Car Friends


Saturday 18/05/2013 at the Abarth Works Museum in Lier Belguim

On program :a tourstic tour about 60km ,club stands;parts

stands,boothsales and a rally bar ,open all day

Evening dinner with pricegiving

Sunday 19/05/2013 at Circuit of Zolder

We organize a Abarth é Friends Parade in cooperation with BFOV

(Belgian federation of veteran cars) they celebrate their

25*anniversary with a full day event on the circuit .They expect more

than 2000 oldtimers

Interested and more information .please call 003234490016

or e-mail :guy@abarth-gmr.be


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