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Pawel Sokolowski:

guy moerenhout:
like you see on the photo off front that the original color first was yellow and after red .I will paint car back in yellow ,this was the Belguim race color .Mayby it was one  off the famous" ecurie belge team " cars ? driver Bianchi, Frere, Pilette,and more  Its   ch no 69 .Iff you have more info place  send it

guy moerenhout:
ch no 69 was drive in Italy and europe(papers abarth factory) ,also for some teams(info abarth then it was sold to USA  Steegmans, Judge Parker Racing and then it comes to me  I hope to do some rally/race with it  before its is sold to a good home

guy moerenhout:
wheels  6,5x13 cromodora

Are you selling this beautiful car?
Could you describe better the car?.


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