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Stuart Wire:
Hi all
I finally have space in my garage to work. So now I am thinking about my 1972 fiat 850 sport coupe.

The floor pan is shot and there is tin worm all over the place, no surprises.

The main issue, or opportunity, is the engine is unusable. (thank you son's for taking it apart outside and not keeping all the bits!) It is incomplete and 2 of the pots are seized and damaged.

Having driven a similar car many years ago I am aware that power was not their strong point. However, in need of a new engine I am playing with ideas of an OT 1300 replica. Now, obviously this not a straight swap of powerplants, I would hope the suspension would need looking at too.( I have seen the nurberg ring videos!)

So the question is, what do you think? Anyone done this themselves?  Honest (and helpful) opinions welcomed.

I have rebuilt Landrovers, minis and aircraft in the past so I am up for a challenge.

Thanks in advance


PS How do I add images on these pages? Cars yes, computers not so much!


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