Author Topic: Crankshaft horsepower/torque rating of the 903cc Fiat 100-series engine and more  (Read 2705 times)

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I'm hoping somebody has some answers, as I can't find any info about the subject I'm looking for.

I was wondering at what max power/torque is the 903cc crankshaft can physically handle without permanently bending it?

Let me explain: I'm building  a street registered Fiat 127 MK1 (1972) using a 903cc engine. It's going to use hypereutectic pistons and forged H-beam connecting rods, and 8V DOHC head I'm currently modyfing, and will get a turbo. About 100 horsepower will be the absolute minimum without a turbo. With a turbo I'm expecting around the 200 BHP from the engine. Everything else ínside the engine wont be a problem as it's designed to handle that kind of power.

I can't say the same for the gearbox as it'll probably grenade the standard gearbox. Is there a gearbox available for those kinds of power or am I better of designing a flex plate to mate a gearbox that can handle that kind of power from the start?

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gearbox 850  our simca   can be ok   otherwise  a  Renault   5 turbo
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