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Hi From South Africa

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Good Afternoon From South Africa Johannesburg,

I already own a Fiat 124 AS Sport Spider, and have just bought a Fiat 2300 Coupe. as with all 2300 coupes I know that there was no real way to know if it was a S or Standard I will also be here looking for some parts in the next few months as I take the time to restore.

To start maybe someone can assist me with the following questions.

1. if the 2300S VIN prefix 114BS or is this the prefix for all chassis? this vehicle I have found has an aluminium sump, 2 brake boosters and twin carbs but the best we can see the prefix is 114B

2. Would I be correct there were 3 different options for the 2300 Coupe
   A. 2300 Standard
   B. 2300S (Abarth Tuned)
   C. 2300S Corse (Abarth race Version)

thank you all in advance

guy moerenhout:
All S were Abarth tuned and tested. Only first models  were full modifed engine ,polisch etc … Also sump was abarth sign on
The were  only 3/6 corse  cars  with 3 x Weber 40 DCOE

Thank you very much for the response.

I will be seeing this car later this afternoon to confirm the chassis plate.

see some photos for now

PS is there somewhere to find some parts I am still short

1. Passanger centre handle (I think I might have found one)
2. Passanger foot rest
3. Under dash knee guard Right Hand Drive (I think I have found one)
4. rear boot Fiat 2300S Coupe Badge
5. Nardi Steering wheel (What hub does it use hoe many bolts and PCD I think there is one here in South Africa I can use)
6. Abarth Sump (See photos of my sump with NO ABARTH name)

I will have to repaint as the paint is in a very bad way but will do it slowly as soon as i have all the parts I need

guy moerenhout:
you have a  serie two and and also a serie 2 oilsump . Were beter in corners ? A oilsump abarth pan you must count on this moment +- 1500 euro iff found

your steering wheel looks  good ?

Thank you for the response I am a little happier now that the oil pan is correct, the price for a Abarth marked one is high especially for a South African

Can you confirm the under dash knee guard what an approximate price for one of those is? Like I said I have found one and want to work out a decent price for seller and buyer


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