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Suggestions for (Fiat 600) Tribute Restoration


Hi folks!

I have started the process of completely rebuilding a Zastava 850 (Fiat 600) into a Fiat-Abarth Tribute / Replica. I am looking for information needed to build the car true to an original Abarth style as much as possible.
The budget is limited but we want to do a professional and proper job. Therefor the plan is to build a good base Abarth replica that will be a suitable candidate to further upgrade in the future and to expand as far as the imagination and money will go. At this point the limit is set on 10.000EUR.
> With that in mind, I am asking for suggestions from you as to what should I focus on right now at this early stage of the project..?

The base car was built in 1982 with a bodywork in reasonably good condition (see pictures in 2nd post.) The engine is a factory fitted 850cc (Zastava being the Fiat licensed manufacturer in former Yugoslavia.)
At this moment the car has been stripped down and repairs on the bodywork are almost complete. The engine has been totally rebuilt. Some performance enhancements will be made to keep with the Abarth theme. We will also be fitting other (original) Abarth parts and upgrades.
> I am thinking to go with a 850TC Berlina or 1000TCR style... Not sure what to base my decision on with this regard.

> Another question is about which color theme to choose for the new paint. I am thinking white with red striping, or perhaps a shade of light blue..?

 Kindly let me know your thoughts, how you would go about this project, etc. Any feedback is much appreciated.

Photo of the original base on it's way to the workshop. And a photo of the body work in progress.


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