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guy moerenhout:
Soviet «Abarth»,
By the middle of 70-s the managers of Soviet rally team decided to prepare Zhiguli for the highest European level by a foreign firm. In cooperation with Polish affiliate of Castrol they contracted Italian studio Abarth. Since 50’s this famous company had been preparing Fiats (including 124 series) for rally. Why Abarth, where Fiats-124 were known in details, can’t be asked to prepare Zhiguly for rally? In result the car and two engines went in Turin. However the company didn’t meet the deadline, and the deal delayed for long months, the car was finally made and returned in the USSR. Test drives on Dmitrovsky practice ground and then in Tolyatti showed that the car had 140 horse power and kept steadily 175 km/h.

The car, prepared by Abarth, was taken by Brundza as a sample, when he began to prepare his first LADA for rally «Akropolis» in Greece 1976. He worked in one of the boxes of sport-technical club of Force and Navy Volunteer Society in Lithuania. It was approved by its chief S. Ramoshko. In Greece Brundza managed to take the second place in class up to 2000cc, and the sixth in the absolute qualification.

Akropolis race. The next car, in which all good findings, mistakes and experience from competitions were taken into account, Stasys  Brundza was making in a new workshop

newbielink:https://www.ladamoscow.com/single-post/2018/02/22/Soviet-Autosport-PART-1?layout=list%2F90d51ef1-311a-d5b2-34b9-5a1543cee106%2F41b15961-e286-cf1e-b2ab-972cb96239f4%2F00ad9a15-99d5-f087-977a-1bf294f40c67 [nonactive]

guy moerenhout:
Car must be  a Lada 1500 S    our Zhiguli (his  name in USSR) because  from a 1200 (2101) you can not make  140 hp .
This  type was in Acropolis   Rally to so we  start  all the way  back  to  build it again
We buy a USSR car  bring it  to Poland and will come to Abarth Works Museum
It must be  same color yellow from Brundza Car in 1976 and we have found one . Its on his way  to Lier

guy moerenhout:
I find now 3 differents info about this project so now we will let reborn this
I was  buying in a ex USSR country a Lada  2103(1500 S)  via Poland (Polski Fiat)  One  info told us that Castrol via Polski fiat team  was  working with Russia  and Italy. The see allso on some periodic Lada rallycars  the Castrol stickers . it comes to Belguim .
Now its in our  museum and we will tray to make the car like Abarth was  working on the Fiat 125/124 cars  were the Lada (Zghili) was  base one .Till 1972 Fiat Corse and Abarth was  working on 125. I have still a  Fiat 125 that was prepared by Abarth  for Paul Frere in our museum and will use  some triks that was done on this car to  reborn the LADA -Abarth  car


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