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guy moerenhout:
LADA Sport Historic in the Legend Boucles Bastogne 2018
On Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3th of February,  the “Legend Boucles Bastogne” will be organized, a regularity rally event for classic cars in the South of Belgium, that has already made himself famuous and gives always a beautiful show. 
Started in 2006 as the “Legend Boucles de Spa”, the organisors moved, from 2015 on, to the region around Bastogne.
More info on: newbielink:http://www.racspa.be/2018/lb2018/ [nonactive]
As a result, this is a beautifull car rally event with 18 special stages, on closed tracks,  soread over two days, with the particularity that on Sunday, all special stages will forest stages.
Proof of the importace of this event are the more then 200 participants that are engaged every year for this event for pré-1986 cars, knowing that this rally doesn’t count for any championship ! 
 The "Abarth Squadra Storica" team is a  faithfull participant to this event en will be entering three cars, but it had to be something special, sensationel and unusual…
So this time, no Fiat or Abarth at the start, but some deravitive: the LADA !
The car industry in Russia has made big steps forward with these models, that are originally coming from the Fiat group, and decided also to use them on the international car rally front.
The LADA Sport Historic team, as the team for this occasion is renamed, has the ex-Prime Minister of Belgium and now Brexit coordinator Guy Verhofstadt at the wheel with Guido Devreker as co-driver with a LADA 1600 Rally.
In the second car, a LADA VFTS 2, we will find Jeroen Nys, CEO of the PowerPlus company, in the co-driverseat beside Eric Vlaisloir.
The  third car, a  LADA VFTS 1, will be driven by Guy Moerenhout, animator of the Abarth Works Museum in Lier (Belgium) with his usual co-driver Filip de Munck.
 Many thanks for your attention.
 For  LADA Sport Historic
Guido Devreker


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