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16 Valve GMR engine for 124/131/ritmo /beta


guy moerenhout:
I have  make a 16 Valve head  that fit on  Fiat  8 v block
Possible with street/rally/racing  camshaft
Intake manifold on left side .
Kits  for IDF and DCOE   carburator
Exhaust connection can be ordered
testing in progress

How has the testing been going with the head? Is this a casting of a existing head by Abarth or is it a modified head from what looks to be a vw 16v. Makes no difference to me I'm just looking at doing a replica 131 rally and came across your posting of the 16v head.

guy moerenhout:
change  from a 16 v integrale

will this fit 1608 ?

guy moerenhout:
complete different  ,a  1608 is 80 diam pistons  and  never had this  head


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