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guy moerenhout:
I hope  to recive lots off info so we can help some friends  with this :

you have photos it
you have a  car     ;;; give info    our  you think to have one cars .....ask info

parts  .....
for sale  .......

guy moerenhout:
My car   no 84  was on trailer

guy moerenhout:
some info

guy moerenhout:
from the Japanees book in house  Mr Shoen .Its was done by Cosentino.All Shoen cars. The yellow abarth simca come to Belguim

Second  serie come from Cosentino books  and I find some strange info : winner 4 hours  Sebring  ,a white  Record Monza with Bialbero engine start and  wins .Had start no 22 ????  Can it be  a older  no 82/84/87 car with another  no.
Have someone  more info abot this  car/ ch no

guy moerenhout:


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