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Hello from Japan

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guy moerenhout:
mayby you can see in the right high corner  engine bay .Some times the ch no was there .
Another place  was on headcover  from exhaust 
nex on the  left side under regulator.Look Always  inside .Mayby new plates  are welded in

I see place  were normale ch no is is cutted  away....... you can see  exhaust

Kazuhiko Oki:

Thank you for reply.
Yes, Chassis number part plate is lost, perhaps to use other car.
Do you mean where is number stamped A to E in photo?

For reference,
My car small alike attached monochrome-photo's car, that is in japanese magazine article.
By Greg paris, this is correction of Michel shoen, famous abarth collector, but Mr shoen didn't remember his car's history.
This car's number is (according to article) 847405, but no evidence this is my car now.

This is all, history link is missing.

guy moerenhout:
Mr shoen was in my place .Very nice men .I recive a very psecial book from him.I will look for magazine because I think have it also.

guy moerenhout:
on A side  but part is also away


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