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Hello from Japan

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Kazuhiko Oki:
I'm Kazuhiko Oki from Hiroshima Japan.

My 1960 Abarth Record monza return to legal road this september.
It is not any history without from US 1980's.
Engine is standard 600D 766cc not modified, running not fast but fun to drive.

I'm sorry I can't write english well.



Don't worry: here we all speak and write our "own" English :-)

Very nice car!


Kazuhiko Oki:
Very thank you!
I'm looking for my car's history and some parts lacking.


Kazuhiko Oki
Hiroshima Japan.

guy moerenhout:
great car,send your  ch no and  mayby I can help

Kazuhiko Oki:
Hello, Mr.Moerenhout.
I buy my abarth's engine mount from you.

My abarth's chassis number is missing, perhaps around 80000. And personal car number is #11 from some parts.
I ask Mr.Boer, Itarian car resister, but he did'nt know.
Mr.Greg Paris said perhaps it is one of 8 Record monza imported US by Abarth DFL company for sebring race.

If you know some information, please let me know.


Kazuhiko Oki


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