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Quite a number of years ago, after discussions about weird badges, aluminum framed windows and other oddities, we figured out my DB was one of the (20) 750 Corsa GT's. After 37 years of storage, the first step is to return it to the original color. I believe it was white (color of the center stripe that looks like 1959 paint) I assume the metallic teal body color was a repaint many years ago. I have seen many lists regarding the specialized parts, badges, windows, gauges, S/N etc. I have seen a few photos but never lists specifying preferred paint colors/schemes. Anybody have info on paint colors/schemes for a 1959 750 Corsa GT?

guy moerenhout:
special colors  for corsa was  not in listing .
Abarth suply  the colors that  you wish  to have .,even blue metalic  was on cataloge
Can  we have some more photo's ?

Thank you for the paint information.
After getting a better look in the sun (and after so many years) we now know it was built in 1957 not 59.
A couple more photos.

guy moerenhout:
for me its  a late 1957. We  can  control it  via chassis number
But on rear/ front lights  you can also say  some  dtae

New question
I find the car has two identifying numbers. One small plate in the back seat area and one in the engine compartment. I assume the correct chassis number is in the engine compartment. What does the plate under the back seat identify?


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