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Abarth meeting Pegomas Tanneron 2016


guy moerenhout:
the  first  Abarth meeting point will be  this  time a Hill Clim in Demo on 1 mai .20 retro Classic Pegomas Tanneron
Its  near  Cannes Cote d'Azur.Special price   for Abarth  ,but all cars  ok . Our  looking  only
Museum M.Pont collection will be there  with two car
Abarth squadra storica  already with 4 cars  .Interested ?

guy moerenhout:
hill clim is on Sunday ;tech controle on Saturday

4 times  4 km

newbielink:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8tlg96L6uZM [nonactive]

Bruno Van Ballart  Abarth Scorpione SS
De munck Filip       Abarth  A112  gr 2
guy moerenhout    Fiat Abarth Record Monza
eric  van der veken  Abarth Allemano Spider Racer

Sehr schön, es macht mich mehr zu verstehen.

guy moerenhout:
We had  fun:cars;food,drinks and  good compagny


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