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Abarth SE 018 Cuneo for sale
« on: October 01, 2015, 05:01:43 pm »
The car was bought in 1971 by the Swiss Abarth-driver and -collector Engelbert Möll directly
from the factory. He gave us a copy of the original bill from Abarth to his racing team "ecurie
trois chevrons"

The car then was raced in the Swiss Championship (hill-climbs
mainly by the Swiss driver Mr. Alfred Benzinger. The service for the car was done by the
famous Michele Piller Garage (picture in file: sticker on valve cover).

After two years Mr. Benzinger sold the car to the swiss driver Guido Käppeli
some hill-climbs with it

Guido Käppeli then sold the car to Mr. Bernhard Siffert from 1782 Belfaux/Switzerland
a relative of the famous former Swiss racing driver Jo Siffert. He told us
climb races and autoslaloms and then damaged the left front during a slalom and also broke
the left front upright
the uprigth in my files).

In March 1991 I´ve bougth SE018-0013 from Mr. Siffert and he delivered the car to my house
in Munich

When we got the car
the car and installed an Abarth pushrod engine (around 90 hp)
perfectly.  We then used the car once in a while during veteran car meetings
Silver Flag (Castell Arquato to Vernasca) in 2001 and 2002 (pictures in my files).

When we sell the car
short time ago (by the German Mercedes Benz Gullwing Specialist HK Engineering) and everything
looks fine inside. The measurements of the crank (main = 53.915 mm and rods = 39.975 mm) and
also the bore (64.86 mm pistons in 65.0 mm bore) are standard
from HK engineering. HK engineering also replaced all crank bearings by new ones.

Just now we´ve cleaned the car
even with the installed ca 90 hp instead of the 120hp of the original engine it´s really fast
to the weight of less than 500kg and the small size.

guy moerenhout was  driving car in GB, Italy,Swiss and Belguim

The testdrive and some more pictures you can see on youtube:
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