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this is also one of the rally(abarth ?) cars  where the d'ont now the where there .Engine was form Abarth orgine in 8 and 16 V (124  abarth) and  there where not many . Still now ,I find 3 cars not more .There are some photos on interenet .But if you have info ,you are welcome . I find one original seat form a gr 4 car  for SHEKHAR  MEHTA(safari winner) and this is now in our car .I n Italy he fond the original latest big wingextentions and the are on .Now the Lancia Malbouro  colors on the car .This is also for  sale and can be finnisch like you wish . :lol:  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:

guy moerenhout:
and some photos

guy moerenhout:
the left seat is the original Safari seat  form the gr '4 factory  car that I recive thanks to Hr Fischer   many thanks

guy moerenhout:
I have now polyester doors ,front bonnet, rear hood and also  front bonnet first serie  16 V and serie 2 bonnet

Interesting pictures of a Beta Gr.4 in the march 2006 issue of this magazine
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