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derivazione ABARTH 750 engine modifications?


I want to build a more powerful engine from my 633ccm-engine, the way Abarth did it in the late 1950ies

for that result I do not want to use a different engine (770, 850, 903 etc), I really want to upgrade that small engine.

so I have some questions about the modifications that are possible:

First, I want to know, what intake and exhaust valves (valvole aspirazione e scarcio) can be fitted into that early head?
originally there are
car     inlet / exhaust
600    24,5 / 22,5mm
600D  25,5 / 23,5mm

I read about a modification with 28/26mm valves in early heads? Can anyone tell me what would bei suitable? Probably parts from other Fiats will fit? 
can anyone tell me, what sizes of valves ABARTH used in early 600-based-cars?

and, what is very important: where (or from what cars) do I get those bigger valves? ;-)

look on dis side [nofollow]
in technical section hee is explaining how tho bild a race engine on 600 base

Thank you for your reply, jorrit.

I knew that page of Mahlon already. And I have that booklet, that is quite good: [nofollow]("Tuning & Modifying The Fiat 600 Engine" by John Rich)

But: the problem I have is that I cannot find much written information about the small, early 750 Abarths. But that is what I am looking for and what I am planning to build.

I already found very small information about the modifications in early 750 Abarths. But it is very difficult to get information. I have to spent much time in that research. There is much to find about 850TC and 1000TC engines, even bialbero or radiale. But very less about the small 750's...

I think I have to write all down when I think I have the information I will need to build that engine.


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