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Rally Master Competition

The first choice for the sporty rally team. The RallyeMaster Competition is a highly accurate and equipped with many technical refinements odometer for the ambitious rally team. The Rally Master Competition is made entirely of steel and coated black.

Prestel Gemmer Rallye Master Competition. Top quality rally trip meter featuring three counters

Total Distance

 Inter Distance

 Back-Distance- or Average-Speed-Counter (with Counter 3 and calibrating-Tool 2 selectable)

 Independently Zeroed displays

 Display Lenses for increased digit size

 Button to clock Display Nr.2 in 10m+ -Steps (adapt to roadbook)

 Button to clock Display Nr.2 with Stop-function (adapt to roadbook)

 LED-Light with on/of

 100m-peep-Signal for controlling average-speed with a stopwatch

 12 Volt

 Easily Calibrated at the front

 System-reset at the front to clear all impulses a the start of a stage, or calibrating

 Dimensions: 195 x 67 x 90mm


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