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guy moerenhout:
we  were  with two cars on this Revival rally last week and  we had fun . Iff you wish to drive fast (between 53 and 72 regularty on normale  routes)and full gas on the stages than this is the place  to be for nex year. Mayby roadbook can better for not C.S but rest was all fun. Take also that its not expencief and the organister Ed Patera is a nicemen . Why  you dont go nex year ?With slicks / graveltyres our normale tyres like we must imported thing is fun in driving. There were  drives from C.Z Poland ,Hongary,Italy,Belguim and Russia

guy moerenhout:
yes ED Patera  we had fun in your Rallye and will tell it to every one

White Diesel Power

guy moerenhout:
fast and furius,with a good  guide

guy moerenhout:
the  trip  back


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