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fiat 850 coupe,rally abarth power


guy moerenhout:
a 1966  rally fiat 850 coupe now in for sale
A112 Abarth carburatorkit fitted ,rollcage FIA ,rallyseats ,safetybelts  ,rally suspentions and many more  make this car a good deal for starters our someone that need a safe car for his hobby.
And yes it have a yellow book for rally in Belguimyou can buy it like it is
We can do a new paintjob our you can do it

Do you have some pictures Guy?

guy moerenhout:

guy moerenhout:
some update
Orginal Abarth OT  grill  fitted;Fiat Abarth 1000 OT  will  be placed to . Why not!!!!!


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