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gearbox clearance issues

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I recently mounted a 903GL engine in my 600T van with a 600D sedan gearbox.
The clutch I used is the original multipla clutch with the fingers and the original 600 flywheel.

The problem is, there is something smashing into something, guess in the bellhousing.
Any idea how to solve this, Had the engine in and out for 6 times, can't solve the mystery and can't find any metal flakes around the gearbox..


is the noise always dear ore only when you put in the clutch ?

when the starter goes round, the -klunk- noise prevents the engine from starting. It's about 2 times per round. clutch in or out no difference.

I haven't done anything to the primary shaft of the gearbox, could that be the problem?
I've read somewhere that you need to cut 1 cm off the shaft, because the hole in the crank isn't deep enough?


dit you hear the engine run before you put it in the car ?

if the prise ass was to long you won't get the engine and box together

witch car came the engine out  ? engine code

and where do you live ?


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