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'69 OT 1300/124 project.

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I bought this car for 5 years and it has bin in storage since. Yesterday I decided it was time to restart my project again.
Last year I bought a grille from Guy, so that's where I will start.

The Coupé will be used on the road and on the track. I will mount no bumpers, so I've to find a way to mount the indicator lights.

Nice work, it will be great to see the progress of your project.
i'm building an OT 2000 Coupe America replica


Today I did the other side.

Last Weekend I cut al extra hole in the front plate to get more air to the Radiator.

Made an Air duct;  For road use it will suit as a house for the License plate.
                           And for track use I will take out the plate en create a an extra air inlet.

Mooi, Patrick!!


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