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guy moerenhout:
Barnfind Scorpione ,yes  always  possible

This  was the  last GT car under Carlo Abarth on 850 base
and one of his favorits
suspentions was like the TCR   so very special

One of the best buy on market ,says  many experts

Great Guy!!
Are you going to restore this car too?

guy moerenhout:
why not fred  ,only  probleme is that I need a second set radiale  rear arms for my first one . This is  also perfect for your remakes !!!!!!!

The   S and SS  are  also for  sale  ,

Hello Guy,

It is a very nice system and I know that a guy in England made remakes of this rear suspension!

Were did you get all the other Scorpione/Lombardi GP's from. I saw a whole nest of these ones??!
Great that they are still to find!


guy moerenhout:
35 KM  from my place  and all have papers
Someone in Holland  was  buying a kit our  moulding but  price  was to high


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