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Lada Niva Poch ,version 1988


guy moerenhout:
I have now a set original wingextentions  found in a old stock from Poch and  will build  againthis winning Lada Niva up.
I will remake this kit so you can do it also on your stock Niva
If you wish to have your Rally Niva you can order him whit the engine you like

guy moerenhout:
the  remake of Poch Paris Dakar started . I dont now yet if I will do year 1987 our 1988 design

You can see that the rear door fit  nice to .

After  3 mails to LESTER  in Italy with NO ANSWER I have made the roof spoiler in iron,many thanks Italy export department Lester

guy moerenhout:
wheels  will be remake  Fuch 7x15  with special adapters
here you can see the  design 1988


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