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guy moerenhout:
Scaldia Moskvitch 2140 model Rally car ,that is what we wish to build from this car . Drives good ,looks not bad and the are not many anymore.
Looking for intake manifolfd for 2 weberslike the old group 2  car
Engine  looks good on a old  BMW 1500 engine and turn even good .
Yes its something special

guy moerenhout:
did  you now it have  4 pistons dixs brakes on front ?

Brakes are made under license by Girling :)

This is not Moskvitch-412, this is Moskvitch-2140.
I have already talked about this car in the relevant thread
Moskvitch 412 rallye:
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Moskvitch 1600 rallye (or 2140, 1976 year)
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Moskvitch 1600 SL Rallye or AZLK 1600 SL RALLYE (1983 year):
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--- Quote ---Engine  looks good on a old  BMW 1500 engine and turn even good
--- End quote ---
The engine looks like a BMW, but not a copy. –°enter distance between cylinders - 105mm, wet cylinder liners.
For this engine can get sports camshafts, adapter plate for using LADA/FIAT gearbox.
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guy moerenhout:
fantastic ,I see that first model have  round lights . I can buy one good one here. Mayby I must do one more for our collection and make him also like this rallycar from Brundza ?
Good for Safari collection

Is this blue  one a good model for it ??


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