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Inlet flange of collectors drawing for UZAM-412:

split gear (vernier pulley) for UZAM-412:

For engines LADA has been done experimental DOHC cylinder heads: VFTS T16 & EVA, MTX, LSGA, UGC....
I can tell you about them, show photo.

Moskvitch Twincam - a very interesting thing, I can say that it is a descendant of OSCA 1500/1600 engine [nofollow] - this is my blog, I compared these motors in article :)

but there is still a unique cylinder headы for Moskvich - 16v!
[nofollow] [nofollow] [nofollow] [nofollow]
her drawings have survived, and she was to begin to produce in Ukraine in autumn.

...and 20v!!!!!
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guy moerenhout:
many thanks Edgar. Do you think it will come on market ?
I have one set off MTX wheels thatI wish to use on a 2105 car
Like  you can see under ,I work on this moment on OSCA engines
4 blocs

guy moerenhout:
hallo Edgar,I can buy a 412  1972 ,you you think its ok to  build  that other  Rally 412 ? . Need  then painting because no red  412 where rallying (I think) Drive good but on gas  . So all must go out . Body is clean ,not perfect  .

WOW!!! Excellent condition!!!!
Yes, AZLK  (Moskow) factory rally team did not use the red cars.
Moscow 412 rallycars were usually blue or yellow/beige  variations:
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Izhevsk rally-team sometimes used a red-orange color:
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Red cars were the private racers (non-professional racers)


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