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guy moerenhout:
MOSKVITCH 2140 I was buying a 1979 car and will build it like  rallycar .
I am looking for rallyparts  like intakemanifold for  2 Weber ,exhaustmanifold ; Rally  wheels tec...
In Belguim was  Vic Heylen that build  3 our 4 cars for Spa ,matby someone can give more info about this ones .
All help welcome

Hi! I'm interested in the history of sports cars Moskvich. I Have a lot of pictures of this car.
This car is officially called the "Moskvich 1600 Rallye", It has been homologated in 1976.
Restore this car in the original - very difficult. The fact that it used a very rare parts.
Engine - 1.6 DOHC, "412-2V", about 130 h.p., These cylinder heads were produced only 22 pieces, survived to our days just a few. The engine is very similar to the Fiat 1600 OSCA, Fiat OSCA engine was tested in AZLK and was used as a sample layout.
Gearbox - not the standard. The experimental model CP-9 (КП-9) or 412-020. Released about 70 pieces, now they are very difficult to find if you're lucky - in Moscow, it will cost 1000-2000 EUR.

Homologation papers:
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Intake manifolds can be found, or put on the BMW M10 - it suited the top 3 bolts - will have to be customized or make an adapter. [nofollow]

exhaust manifold and pipes can make the guys from Ukraine - they have a pattern. [nofollow]

If you need my help with information, please contact me on my email.
With regards.

The wheels have been used or modified steel, or ATS Classic  4*98 with LADA wheel adapter:
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guy moerenhout:
hallo Edgar,many thanks  for this info and I think its the first time that I see this in a western site .I now Lada(never see one) had  this type of head  but did now from Moskvitch.
I find it good  but complicted  with the  adapter . I see that in Ukraine the make it in steeel like on the Lada . I alway use aluminium . Will speak with Motorman in Greece  for it

guy moerenhout:
you cane almost not believe what I found  from my BMW  time :two set intake manifold
So I need  only the adaptor plate
Is it possible to ask them our I must ask it.


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