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oil accumlator / accusump installation
« on: March 18, 2013, 01:52:35 AM »
I had a problem with my A112 1050cc-motored car.  With the oil cooler and remote oil filter in the system it took several seconds to see oil pressure after starting because of the amount of dead space in all that tubing and the 2 filters. But if I took the cooler out of the system and just ran the single normal A112 filter the oil temp would quickly get over 100 *C with even brief highway driving and I'd have to get off to let it cool down.

So I finally bit the bullet and installed an oil accumulator.  It holds 1.5 quarts of oil under pressure, so you open the valve before you start the car and it provides oil under pressure to the engine while the oil pump is filling the dead spaces. 

Before you shut the engine off you close the valve, trapping pressurized oil in the canister for use next time.

The brass device in the upper oil line is a one-way valve, so when you open the valve the oil goes into the motor and not into the filter.
Seems to work great!
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