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guy moerenhout:

guy moerenhout:
each tim I work on this car I come more and more sure this was the first one so the Prototip . Not only the ch no is 850 coupe ,not 104S  our 104 .Today I wish to fit gearbox and find out that clutch/ gearbox  was 850 and take out material to adapt the fitting for separed cardan . Fitting where type Simca  not like in the newer SS Scorpion that I had an one more in my place is. Also the  bearing in the Original  1300/124 engine was 850 and not 124 . Clutch Bellhousing I take PBS and VW  starter ; change  clutch now with the newer bigger OT one . I fit a new 1300/124 engine with exhaustmanifold and two 40 DCOE Weber

guy moerenhout:
carpet;engine inside and many hours done

guy moerenhout:
the Abarth seat now restored in his old  glorie

Hi there,

Just joined the forum.

Hoping to track down a set of original Abarth seats.

Would you know of any available?


Vin :)


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