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guy moerenhout:
a very rare Abarth Scorpione SS  now in .
Have  his  special engine  with  2 Weber 40 DCOE and the special gearbox.
Body work (heavy like on al Francis Lombardi) is started
Car  was goldmetalic and after this painted in JPS  colors ,mayby you now the story ?

guy moerenhout:
rusty parts away and new on
I sold this car more than 15 years ago and  recive it back with a deal with family Mousset
Car was light gold metalic  . I am looking for some pictures from a car like this .
After this the SS was painted in JPS black gold

Hello Guy,

Good to see this Scorpione SS being restored. All too rare the SS version. Last public photos I saw of this particular car was a posting in late 2009 on another forum when the car seemed to be in the Chatelineau area. Some photos from that posting are photos a,b, c, d, below.

The differences and alterations to standard Fiat 850 chassis, and also to most Fiat Lombardi GP/Scorpione S chassis are of particular interest:..... the removed inner pivot points for the standard 850 rear trailing arms, replaced on the SS by the tubular (TCR) type trailing arms (your photo P1040907, P1040910).......the additional reinforcing plates to forward end of the side chassis rails in the engine bay ( P 1040911,  P1040910)....  upper fixing points for rear shocks above rear coil springs (P1040905).

Other items of interest are....the wheel well indentation in  the front boot floor to fit a wider spare wheel/tyre under the flat type, non fluted, Abarth bonnet (P1040904)......the revised cabin air intake housing immediately in front of the steering wheel (P1040904,  d).

Hopefully some of your future progress photos will show..... the alloy front suspension cross member, the double wishbone suspension and the upper mounts for the front coil over shocks......and the rear tubular suspension arms.

I made the attached drawing   e    several years ago of an SS rear suspension from a range of photos of another SS in the south of France. The hub details neeed to be changed a little further, but I would appreciate some rear suspension photos of your SS as the restoration progresses so that I might update the drawing on items of detail.

As I said, it is great to see one of these SS being restored.


guy moerenhout:
day by day
Like you can see is enginelid from a Scorpione on outside aluminium
I have now here  3 different scorpione doors
Also find out that the is sometimes 1 cm difference in frontbonnet size

guy moerenhout:
this  car  was  very strong made for  racing whitout rust protection
All have to be made  again. See  front bonnet repair
Also something  very rare was the left seat . He was build wider on top and  dawn  so bigger  persone can sit in ???  Mayby Carlo ?
On Car was  also two different colors of gold found, a very light and a darker one like on picture in forum


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