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guy moerenhout:
via  ,via  I recive a copy from the first trayout  homologation papers  for the  Fiat 1/9 Abarth Rally
in Grand Turismo Speciale  (group 4)  2 seats     400 cars
Also 2000 cc  engines  from 131 Abarth . the  16 V head  was  option

guy moerenhout:
Fiat  build a Stradale  car  that was different  from homologation . The GTS  where  like the  Rallycars
A Stradale was in hands off Cosentino (whitout  engine )and sold now . Was fitted   with different wingextentions a bit like our gr 2 kit

Super info Danke.

Grüße Matthias

Dear Danke
Could you email the Homologation papers in A4 format for printing PDF or similar please
I would appreciate it very much
Regards and Thanks


guy moerenhout:
I have this only from normale X 1/9 . From Rally only  the copy


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