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Osca zagato


guy moerenhout:
new in 3 X Osca engines ,one ex Zagato car and  two 1500  Fiat Osca spider one
Possible  intake manifold  for two Weber DCOE our single
Some parts  from a Fiat osca spider serie 1 also like brake drums  suspentions ,mecanic softtop etc

First serie  (men told me)engine is  from Osca  zagato factory racingcoupe  , coming from a specilist in Lyon France
can this be one off  3 prototipo  1500 engines made by Maserati brothers ? It look different on oilpump,and some waterpipes .Also on one camshaft cover is OSCA graved
Also engine no is very strange look on photo (marking that it was for a barchetta)

guy moerenhout:
second  Osca engine
have also intake manifold   for  1 double  Carburator

One   3 engine  also in spare parts .


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