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Ok, it's no problem.
I will create a prepare history of my Fiat 125p Monte Carlo in factory edition.
Firstly photo : I Am (at left) and Robert Mucha (photo was made october 2011)

My Fiat will be similar to the one in the picture below

At this time, the car body will be repaired at the factory body restoration. In the spring of 2013 will begin assembly of the car.
The car will be painted in the color of F127.
Engine will be mounted 1585ccm capacity and transmission with five forward ratios of Fiat 132.
Will also be installed along with the power steering pump and steering gear by ZF.
Clutch control hydraulic version is converted into mechanical version (clutch cable).
Will also be converted water cooler. In my radiator cap will be transferred to the water pipe at the top of the radiator.
At the end of this post I add a photo of the historic Monte Carlo rally in 2012 where I rode as navigator Fiat 125p Rally.


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