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guy moerenhout:
after 30 year I find on the end the Brundza wingextention kit like the  Lada Acropolis rally car
Today I start  building back this Lada 1600 Rally
This  cars  where made in Small serie  like the Lada 21011  base
Wingextention kit  now  for sale

guy moerenhout:
Engine 1700 cc, weber  40 Dcoe ,exhaustmanifold

guy moerenhout:
back from paintshop


--- Quote from: guy moerenhout on October 24, 2012, 05:49:50 PM ---Engine 1700 cc, weber  40 Dcoe ,exhaustmanifold

--- End quote ---

The engine is a Niva engine, right?

guy moerenhout:
yes ,its a Lada Niva  engine fiited  with a old intake manifold (1980) from me and a old Janspeed  exhaust manifold that I have  from same time  when I was  driving with the 2101 cars
Because its  for FIva   engine  need not many hp but torque 
+- 110/120hp


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