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Polski Fiat 125p pick up and FSO 125p pick up


guy moerenhout:
almost the  same this  very rare cars . Most of this cars a away because in Poland the were take for parts for rallycars . The rear diff  was  very short and bigger (stronger) I am lucky to have two  cars in our museum

Yes, the polski pick-ups are nice cars!
Some were imported to Norway, I had one as a daily driver from 1996 to 2004! My car had swapped engine to a 1800 TC


Do you still have the rhd 125 pickup? If so is it for sale? Is the other 125p the french one with chardonnet on the back?

Here is mine, its seen better days but is currently undergoing full restoration

Pawel Sokolowski:
@benno - if you need part ask Guy, so we can prepare them for You and you can pickup parts at meeting.

Thanks Pawel I will let Guy know if I need any parts :)


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