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guy moerenhout:
I will build the car like it was prevu with a Fiat 131 Abarth  16 V engine to batle against the Lancia Stratos
I find a car with only 35000 km so I start project

guy moerenhout:
becomes better and better

guy moerenhout:
bodykit fitted
Avo suspention arrive
Porsche  brakes for front in stock
Ventilated  dixs  ordered
Polyester/ glasfiber doors fitted

guy moerenhout:
Avo suspention  X 1/9

guy moerenhout:
car is ready to start painting job
Factorycolors Mat RED 171 and  yellow /green Ral
Like you can see are also the doors in glasfiber/ polyester
Wheels  will be  7X 13 and  8x 13  cromodora
Front brakes Porsche 911 S  like on 124/131 gr 4 homologation  and on Prototipo homologation file that was first made
for FIA
Rear brakes Polonez the are 2MM bigger pistons in calipers
Seats Fusina


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