Author Topic: Original Magnesium 131 Abarth Group 4 Wheels 8x15,10x15,11x15 Cromodora  (Read 2124 times)

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For sale 4 wheels as pictured in the first three pictures: 2 8x15 and 2 10x15 wheels. From long before any copies were made I owned these. Had them fully restored 4 years ago with the small wheels for the front to fit to one of my Stradales. The 8 and 10 in are fully sealed to use with radial tyres. Both cars are now sold (also for quite some years now) and the wheels remained in the living room. I am saying that, since restoring magnesium wheels is very hard. A Ferrari specialst has done it for me and the result shows. No electrolitic corossion in all those years.

On picture 4 you can see what I have. I have an extra centre and two magnesium shells to make the wheels into 11 inch. I can sell them as a set of 8 and 10 or a set of 10 and 11. Depending on your wishes.

Price is 4000eur for a set of four.

Information at pmadewit at hotmail

Thanks, Peter